Dr. Subhadra Desai is a contemplative artist of Hindustani Vocal Music, whose music is characterised by a graceful voice and meditative timbre. She has been performing in various national music festivals and other fora in Delhi and other cities for the past decade, notable of which are Pt. Vishnu Digambar Jayanti, HCL Concert Series, Teen Murti House in New Delhi, Uttaradhikar at Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal, MS University, Baroda, Bharatiya Sanskriti Samsad, Kolkata, Nalanda Mahotsav, at Nalanda etc. She has also performed in Korea and Germany.

Subhadra was initiated to music at an early age by Pt. Vinay Chandra Maudgalya and Smt. Padma Devi, at Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, New Delhi. A disciple of Pt. Madhup Mudgal, Subhadra continues to receive his guidance to achieve greater rigour and artistic insight in her music.

Subhadra is the first recipient of the "Mani- Mann Fellowship" in Hindustani Classical Vocal Music, instituted under the aegis of Sanskriti Pratishthan, New Delhi, for the year 2005. As part of the fellowship Subhadra has undertaken residency programmes with senior Gurus/ Musicians such as Vidushi Malini Rajurkar and Pandit Dinkar Kaikini.

Subhadra received the Sahitya Kala Parishad Scholarship for young artists in 1990. She received a Gold Medal for outstanding achievement at the Korea Spring Festival in 1999.

Subhadra is an empanelled artist with Indian Council for Cultural Relations, All India Radio and Doordarshan. She has conducted several lecture- demonstrations and workshops at the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training in the past decade and a half.

Subhadra's repertoire includes Khayal, Sagun and Nirgun bhajans and Tappa.

Subhadra’s scholarly background has enabled her to study ancient Sanskrit texts and composing them in classical Ragas. She presented a recital based on the theme of 'Advaita', the Indian philosophy of non- dualism or oneness of God and Creation. This presentation was directly associated with the subject, with Mantras and Suktas from the Vedas and Upanishads, Shatakas of Adi Shankaracharya and songs of saint- poets of Medieval India.

Subhadra composed and presented Ashtapadis from Geeta Govindam in classical Ragas in the 'Jaideva Utsav' at Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

Subhadra has composed and sung Buddhist texts in Sanskrit and Pali on several occasions and for different organisations, notably the Tibet House, New Delhi (in the presence of His Holiness Dalai Lama), International Buddhist Conclave (held in New Delhi and Bodh Gaya, organised by Central Govt., Department of Tourism and Culture), Nalanda Utsav, Nava Nalanda Mahavihara University, Bihar etc.

Subhadra has composed and presented the “Sanatana Vivaha mantras” from Rigveda and Yajurveda in Classical Ragas.

Subhadra presented a performance on the theme “Women Seers and Sages of India” as part of the HCL Concert Series at India Habitat Centre. This production included Mantras from the Rigveda, and bhajans written and sung by women sages, devotees and poetesses of medieval India.

In addition to being an accomplished classical vocalist of the new generation, Subhadra has a Doctoral thesis on the subject "Musical heritage of Valmiki- Ramayana", in Sanskrit, from Delhi University.

Lately Subhadra produced a CD album named ADVAITA, which was released by Smt Shiela Dikshit, Chief Minister, Delhi.

Smt. Dikshit termed the Album as “path breaking” and “outstanding”. In her words, “Subhadra ji brings us to the wonderful world of Advaita; she brings us within ourselves, into ourselves, and renders words which otherwise would escape us were we to read them or just listen to them. She has sung them and that makes a lasting impression. It is a boon for all lovers of music and lovers of Indian Philosophy.” About the music Smt Dikshit said that “it will become as addictive to all of you as it has become to me” and lauded “the commitment, passion and the missionary zeal with which Subhadra renders all that she does sing”.